Extensible Digital Twin Solution for IoT Test Development

What is IoT-Space™?

IoT-Space is a cloud-enabled IoT testbed that provides a digital twin solution for test development and evaluation of large scale IoT networks.  It uses the latest virtualization technologies to emulate or simulate IoT operations in a virtual environment and supports a wide range of IoT devices and network options.

Virtualized IoT Devices and Platforms

Dynamic and flexible emulation/simulation of IoT devices and networks to support a wide range of operations 

Integrated Analysis

Built-in functions to allow on-platform monitoring, data collection and analytics for integrated usability, availability, performance and security tests

HWIL support

Hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) to enable direct integration of physical IoT devices with virtualized networks.

Why use IoT-Space™?

Large scale IoT infrastructures are highly complex and dependent on many factors, such as connectivity, accessibility and security, and most importantly, testability throughout the entire engineering lifecycle.  A physical IoT testbed is not only inflexible and difficult to configure, but also expensive to operate.  Equipped with a web-based GUI, IoT-Space can be easily set up and dynamically configured for different IoT systems with a fraction of the operation cost.  

Easy to Use
& Configure

Simplified and user-friendly GUI to enable easy configuration of different IoT devices and networks  

& Cost-Effective

Virtualized environment to simulate/emulate IoT operations at low costs.

Cloud-enabled &

Linux-based and capable to run as a Test-as-a-Service (TaaS) in a cloud environment

What is IoT-Space™ used for?

Using a flexible and modular software framework, IoT-Space can be easily extended and customized to support a wide range of applications across different industries, including Internet of Battle of Things (IoBT) in tactical fields, smart buildings, smart cities, manufacturing, energy and utilities, and healthcare.

Smart Cities

Traffic and environmental monitoring, emergency alerting and management


Process integration and performance optimization 

Energy & Utility

Asset management, data monitoring and process automation


Health data automation and patient health monitoring

 IoBT in Tactical Operations

Data integration for situational awareness and threat detection